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Dread Empire Extra Large Dreadlocks Shower Cap

Dread Empire - 3x Extra Large Dreadlocks/Dreads Shower Caps


Dreadlocks can take some time to dry out and trying to hide them under a convential shower cap can be tricky. These light weight shower caps have been custom made to accommodate the extra bulk of dreadlocks, braids or very long hair.

The caps slip on easily and comfortably and have plenty of room for even very long dreadlocks. The dreadlocks pictured in the image are more than half way down the back. Unstretched, the opening measures 15cm and the diameter approximately 45cm.

Whilst they are considered disposable they are very similar to the type of shower cap you may find in a hotel room - provided they are handled with care and stored properly you will get a number of months use out of each one.

3 x Shower Caps are included.