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Dreadlocks Loose Hair Fixing Tool Small

Dreadlocks Loose Hair Fixing Tool - Small With Plastic Handle (Latch Hook)


"Plastic handle with steel hook"

As dreadlocks grow, the new hair at the scalp is un-dreaded. Left unchecked this will create a tangled/matted mess of loose hair.

The new growth requires incorporating into your dreadlocks.

One of the the best ways to do this is using latch-hooking. It requires no product and will stay in place for a long time. Latch hooking is long lasting, reduces maintenance time and keeps dreads looking neat and tidy.


Step 1: Back comb the hair until a knot forms on the end.

Step 2: Use the latch hook to pull up through the middle of the section of hair until the knot at the end stops it from going any further.

Step 3: Catch the knot in the latch hook and pull it through the middle of the section of hair.

Step 4: Move the latch hook 90 degrees counterclockwise and repeat step 3. Repeat this process until the section of hair is latched all the way down to the root.

Approx :15.5cm

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