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Knotty Boy Removal Kit 8oz

KNOTTY BOY - Emergency Dreadlocks Removal Kit 8oz (LARGE)


If you have dreadlocks and are looking to remove them or want to start dreadlocks but are worried about having to cut them out should you ever change your mind :

 A Knotty Boy Dreadlocks Removal Kit is the only completely SCISSOR FREE solution.

 The kit is designed to remove dreadlocks which have been started with wax-based dreadlocks products. However it also works effectively in the removal of other dreadlocks regardless of age or hair type.

 Each Pack Contains:

 Dreadlock Removal Shampoo

 Harnesses the power of citrus and hemp oils to gently dissolve built up product and debris from inside dreadlocks. While nourishing and enriching hair through the power of oat proteins - leaving beautifully soft and silky hair.

 Dreadlock Damage Control Deep Conditioner

 The deep conditioner untangles dreaded hair into its natural form while adding moisture and strengthening hair from root to tip. This allows hair to be combed through easily. All while repairing and infusing hair with prickly pear, aloe vera, jojoba and hemp oil.

 After use the shampoo and conditioner can be used on your newly untangled hair for continued strength and conditioning.


  • Available in 4oz and 8oz sizes.
  • Untangles and nourishes dreadlocks of any age or hair type.
  • No need for any SCISSORS.
  • Try those dreadlocks you have always dreamed of - risk free!
  • The shampoo preps your dreadlocks for removal by dissolving built up products and debris.
  • The Deep Conditioner untangles dreaded hair into its natural form.

 How To Use

Note – A fine toothed comb or tail comb is required.

  • Gently pull apart dreadlocks as best as possible
  • Soak dreadlocks in hot water
  • Apply removal shampoo thoroughly from root to tip and including scalp.
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Apply Deep Conditioner from root to tip and including scalp.
  • Do not rinse the conditioner out.
  • Pierce the bottom of a dreadlock and pull apart roughly one inch
  • Comb the dread through - slowly from bottom to top.
  • Repeat until no dreadlocks remain.
  • Re-wash with both shampoo and conditioner.

Note it is normal to lose a lot of hair – this is hair no longer attached to your scalp but contained within the dread.

Complete removal may take hours or in some cases a full day.