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Knotty Boy Mistic Deodorizer Waterfall

KNOTTY BOY - Waterfall - Dreadlocks MISTic Deodorizer & Frangrance Spray (8oz)


Freshen up and deodorize dreadlocks instantly without the need for showering with a powerful Knotty Boy MISTic Deodorizer & Fragrance Spray. Replace poor smelling dreadlocks with a sweet smelling MISTic experience.
Waterfall Fragrance - The flowery scent of a fresh tropical waterfall.

  • Deodorizer and shampoo-free cleanser.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Generous 8oz bottle.
  • Kills bacteria instantly with the power of Silver Citrate.
  • Infuses dreadlocks with a sweet long lasting fragrance.
  • Keep dreadlocks fresh for longer.
  • Natural fabric freshener for hair.

MISTic spray is a very effective deodorizer and an acidifier. It conditions to make hair more flexible, seals follicles and can help retain hair colour.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray as needed onto scalp and dreadlocks.