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Synthetic Dreads & Dreadlock Maintenance Products

Dreadlocks, oftentimes simply called locks or dreads, are a type of hairstyle in which the hair is formed into thick, matted, rope-like strands, either through crochet hooking, backcombing and twisting, or simply neglect. This hairstyle has been worn throughout history by cultures around the world. You can obtained them in a variety of ways using your natural hair, and you can even use synthetic extensions as a semi-permanent style or just to enhance already dreaded hair. Once your hair is locked, you need to do regular maintenance to keep it healthy, clean and looking great. DreadLab is here to help out with all of your needs. We are a business based in Lincoln, England, sourcing dreadlock hair care and maintenance products from all around the world. We have our own brand of products as well, including synthetic dreadlocks, large swim caps and shower caps. We carry an assortment of special hair care products from reputable and top-selling companies such as Dollylocks, Irie Dread, and DreadyDreadzz. Here you can find exactly what you need to maintain your dreads. From shampoos and tightening sprays to maintenance tools and accessories, DreadLab has got your needs covered.

Maintain Your Dreads

It is important to maintain your dreadlocks in order to keep them looking nice. We carry everything you need to maintain beautiful hair. Most important and contrary to some rumours, you do need to wash your dreadlocks. They should be washed at a minimum of once per week in order to keep them clean, smelling nice, and free of any foreign objects. Always use a special shampoo that does not leave behind a residue that can build up over time and get trapped in your dreads - making your them stiff and heavy. If you are unsure which shampoos are best to use, check out our selection of cleansing products. We only carry shampoos from reputable brands like Dollylocks and DreadsUK so you can rest assured that they are dreadlock-safe and won’t leave behind an icky residue. It is also very important to thoroughly dry your hair after washing it or any time that your locks get wet. Damp hair can contain mould and will eventually begin to smell like mildew. It is also not good to get them wet in a pool. Chlorine from a swimming pool can wreak havoc on dreads as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t swim! For the days when you need a shower but don’t have the time to wash and dry your hair, you can use a swim cap or shower cap. If you are feeling like a dip in the pool but don't want to damage your lovely locks, try one of our swim caps. They are a great way to keep your hair dry while you participate in any number of aquatic activities. These can be used in the shower, at the pool, at the beach, or even if you find yourself caught in a rainstorm.

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There are a variety of different ways to obtain dreadlocks. These techniques can often be done by yourself at home. Alternatively you can have them done by a professional. The most popular method (and arguably the best) is using a crochet hook. The hair is separated into sections and a 0.4 - 0.75mm crochet needle is used to dr