Our Products


Since the beginning DreadLab has been sourcing the best quality products and accessories from all around the world. In doing so, we noticed a big gap in the market for dreadlocks creation and care, so we created our own, ever evolving brand. We offer synthetic dreadlocks, night caps, swim caps, shower caps and crochet hooks just to name a few, and soon our hair care line will be launched. We aim to cover every dreadlocks-related need, while offering the best possible service at affordable prices.



Dollylocks is renowned for creating outstanding quality dreadlocks’ care and hygiene products. Originally founded by a loctician who wanted to offer the best quality to her customers, Dollylocks’ products are still handmade in small batches in Florida, USA. They are all natural, organic and vegetarian/vegan products containing no animal testing, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, MEA/DEA dyes, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, gluten, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, sodium menthyl sulfate or GMOs. 


Raw Roots

Nature is a treasure trove filled with flowers, herbs, and plants that can act as medicine: this is the concept behind the all-natural products from Danish brand RAW ROOTS. 

Every single ingredient is natural and there are absolutely no harmful chemicals. RAW ROOTS' sulfate-free shampoo and the rest of the haircare range are completely water based and are easily rinsed out, meaning that none of the products leave residue in your dreadlocks. All products are handmade in small batches and are vegan, cruelty free and as natural and organic as possible.


Knotty Boy

Established in 1997 there lived a boy who had wild and unruly hair.

His name was Andrew, and no matter how hard he tried to tame his big, curly mane, it had a mind of its own and grew wild like a raspberry bush. It seemed his hair had finally won when Andrew decided to try the very last thing he could think of - dreadlocking it.

Luckily for Andrew, he knew an innovative girl named Adrianna who had been making natural body products in her home as a hobby. Right on her kitchen stove, concocting a recipe of beeswax and natural oils, Adrianna whipped up a small batch of hair wax they quickly discovered miraculously held Andrew's new knots in, while allowing his hair to be washed like normal!

Since 1998, Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care has been dedicated to all natural, ethical, gimmick-free products, prompt and friendly customer service and big-time purpose beyond profits. We believe this commitment is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of Knotty Boy products sold, thousands of photos from happy customers in the Knotty Boy Dreadlock Gallery and our wonderful, growing, international Knotty Family.


Dread Empire

"Dreadlocks Hair Care's humble beginnings date back to 2001 when my very own set of dreadlings were born. After scouring the Aussie market and ending up having to import some dread gear from the US I knew it was high time the dread heads of Australia needed the hair care options that our undreaded friends had.

We began by importing from the states and it wasn’t long before we were compelled to develop our own, all natural product line.  Dread Empire has been developed by us, the wearers and carers of dreadlocks and we have deliberately embodied the best characteristics from our counterparts. As a result, Dread Empire delivers the ultimate in dreadlock care with it’s all natural qualities, its value for money and proudly it's Australian made.

Our products are made just for dreadlocks and we strive to continue developing and enhancing our range giving you the variety of maintenance options that this style deserves! "