Do you want to start dreadlocks for your hair? are you looking to maintain your current dreadlocks? or just want to look at some great dread pics!

Here are our most useful and interesting dreadlocks pages from around the web!

1) Knotty Boy Dreadlocks Tutorials

Knotty Boy have created a number of step by step tutorials which show you how to do just about everything with dreadlocks. From creating to maintaining dreadlocks - it's all there!

2) Lazy Dreads

A dreadlocks blog with a wealth of information, follow the life of Chris in Sheffield, England. As he tours the world on a dreadlock journey. He also posts in depth product video reviews and dispels common dreadlock myths.

3) Pinterest Explore Dreadlocks

Enjoy an endless stream of beautiful dreadlocks pictures.

4) Youtube - A (Very Informative) How To Make Dreadlocks Tutorial!

Make dreadlocks with this handy video guide!

5) Dreadlock Any Hair Without Products

Step by step wiki guide for those who don't want to use dreadlocks products.

6) Dreadlock Truth

An online dreadlocks community. Why not be social and join the forum!

7) 20 Little Unknown Things About Having Dreadlocks

An article about those little things that you only discover when you actually have dreadlocks.