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DreadLab Double Ended Dreadlock Extensions Black

DreadLab - Double Ended Synthetic Dreadlocks (Pack of 10) Backcombed Extensions


"Synthetic dreadlocks extensions by DreadLab.

Using a combination of backcombing and twisting to create an authentic looking dreadlock."

  • High Quality Synthetic Hair
  • 45 cm Long (Attached. Outstretched length 90cm)
  • Approx 0.5 - 0.75 cm Wide
  • Double Ended

Made with high quality synthetic hair. These lightweight and tight dreadlocks create the perfect dreadlocked look.

Each dreadlock is 45 cm long and 0.5-0.75 cm wide on average.

Can be braided into the hair or mounted on elastic to make falls.

Install instructions :

  • Separate a small section of hair to attach a dreadlock.
  • Separate the hair into 2 pieces
  • Place the center of the dreadlock to your scalp in between the hair.
  • Braid the hair around one side of the dreadlock.
  • Secure in place with mini elastic band.

We also sell bands perfect for this job, which can be found here:


Available in : Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Blonde, Blonde, Spring Green

Maintenance : Dreadlocks can be washed using a small amount of dreadlocks shampoo. To re-tighten - re-twist dreadlock over heat. Alternatively use a crochet hook to pull loose hairs back into the dread.

INCLUDES: 10 individual double ended extensions.