10 Awesome Dreadlock Accessories

Want to get a present for somebody with dreadlocks? Or shopping for accessories for your own dreads and want a one-stop shop for this type of product?

You’ll find DreadLab have a wide range of accessories designed especially for this type of hair. Here are just 10 of the awesome products you can buy on our website:

  1. Extra-large swim caps for dreadlocks. Often associated with the surfing lifestyle, there’s no reason you can’t go to public swimming pools if you have dreadlocks.
  2. Our accessories also include shower caps to protect your dreads in the shower.
  3. Extra-wide headbands made of stretch elastic cotton blend.
  4. Our handy latch hook for fixing your hair easily.
  5. Double elastic hair bands are some of our most popular accessories, making it much easier to wear your dreads up. They might be simple, but they’re essential if you have this type of hair.
  6. Tightening gel to easily firm up your dreadlocks and bring an irresistible scent to your hair at the same time.
  7. Travel sized shampoo bars for caring for your dreads on the move.
  8. Wax/butter to help hold the most stubborn hair after shampooing.
  9. Locking dust that’s perfect for new and mature dreads.
  10. Along with double elastic hair bands, we also have mini silicone bands suitable for braids and plaits.