Discover The Best Shampoos For Dreads

Looking for the best shampoo for lathering up those dreads?

DreadLab have both liquid and dry shampoo available to keep your dreads clean, healthy, and in great condition. That includes those which are travel-sized- ideal for those adventures abroad this summer.

We have the best types of shampoo for maintaining this type of hair, including those from top brand Dollylocks, who specialise in organic dreadlock products.

Located in Lincoln, DreadLab deliver all over the UK and we’re always sourcing new and exciting products. Established in 2015, we started selling on eBay and Amazon and have since expanded to have our own website.

Deliciously scented and highly nourishing products to keep your dreads in excellent condition.

Among our range of top quality shampoo is the Dollylocks Dreadlocks Lavender Sky Shampoo which comes with a handy pump. Lavender is one of the most relaxing and pleasant of natural scents. This shampoo will leave your hair residue-free, your scalp refreshed and dreadlocks squeaky clean.

It is both hypoallergenic and pH-balanced so provides gentle but effective cleansing. This shampoo also contains invigorating essential oils and many nourishing ingredients, such as olive oil, coconut, castor bean oil or peppermint essential oil.

If you’re looking for the best shampoos for dreads, why not explore DreadLab today?