Find The Best Dreadlocks Maintenance Products Online

Keeping your dreads in the best shape is something you may… well… dread. You might not only struggle to reduce the levels of frizz, but find it hard to keep your dreads clean without them getting dried out or losing their tightness.

Fortunately for you, our dreadlocks maintenance kits and accessories are ideal for replenishing the health of your hair and keeping your dreads looking their best.

At DreadLab we are a leading online store for dreadlocks of every size, length and shape. We are renowned for our ability to source the best products from the finest brands in the world for dreadlocks.

Our wide range of dreadlock maintenance products include a collection of detox kits from Dollylocks that are ideal for getting rid of any residues.

Why choose Dollylocks detox sets for the best dreadlock maintenance?

Recommended for use every 3-12 months, this kit is comprised of detox powder and shampoo which comes in a variety of styles. Choose from Tea Tree Spearmint, Coconut Lime Grapefruit, Nag Champa and Rosemary Peppermint to give your hair a complete refresh.

The detox process is simple with Dollylocks’ dreadlock maintenance kits and will take just five minutes of soaking and squeezing of impurities and debris before you can rinse and get on with your day - with fresh-smelling and clean dreads once again.

To discover more about the dreadlock maintenance products we have at DreadLab, speak with our team today.