Looking For Artificial Dreadlocks At Great Prices?

Want to bring more length and thickness to your hair this summer?

Whatever colour you’re looking for, our synthetic dreadlocks are extremely easy to apply. We have both double and single-ended extensions to choose from, including those from Elysee Star- a London-based brand that produce a wide range of beauty products.

Lightweight, tight and enjoyable to wear, our synthetic dreadlocks appear highly authentic. Easy to apply and even easier to maintain, we guarantee few people will be able to tell the difference.

Our artificial dreadlocks include those in vibrant colours, such as these super-funky Green and Pink Backcombed Extensions. At only £12.99 for a pack of 10, these synthetic dreadlocks are highly affordable.

If you need a full head of hair, we recommend 50 extensions but for a half-head, it’s only 30. They can either be braided into the hair or mounted on elastic to make falls. You can find full instructions on how to apply them on our website.

Based in Lincoln, DreadLab specialise in products just for dreadlocks, including a wide range of shampoos and conditioners from DollyLocks. We’re always introducing new and exciting products to keep your connected to the best products for this type of hair.

Why not find out more about our artificial dreadlocks today?