Looking To Buy A Crochet For Your Dreadlocks?

DreadLab have all the products and tools needed to take the best care of your dreadlocks, including crochet hooks which are the ideal tool for fixing loose hair.

This Dready Dreadzz Crochet Hook is the perfect size for fixing dreadlocks and enables you to fix them from the inside, helping them look as tight and firm as possible.

Great for root maintenance and bringing loose hairs into dreadlocks, they can also be used to extend your real dreads.

This is a highly useful tool for anybody who has dreadlocks, no matter their size or length. Made in the Netherlands, it is a single hook crochet and costs only £6.99.

This is just one of the many useful tools we have at DreadLab, with our other products including this Braid Tool which is also from Dready Dreadzz and can be used to attach single dreadlocks extensions and synthetic dreadlocks. We also have a massive assortment of synthetic dreadlocks available for amazing prices.

Our other accessories also include combs, hairbands, spiked latch hooks, and nightcaps, all of which are designed for dreadlocks. Whatever you might be looking for, if it’s dreadlocks-related, the chances are we can help.