Looking to Order Extensions for your Dreadlocks?

Want to achieve longer, thicker dreadlocks, or bring more colour to your dreads?

DreadLab have a huge range of extensions to choose from, including those in vibrant and unusual colours. Our products include packs of 10 backcombed extensions, which are made of the highest quality synthetic hair.

Both lightweight and tight, these extensions are easy to attach to your hair, with easy-to-follow instructions on our website. Colours include spring green which is a highly popular shade at the moment. Each of these dreadlocks is 45 cm long and 0.5-0.75 cm wide on average.

We also have these Elysee Star Purple Dreadlocks which come from London’s premier hair extension and accessory distributor. Each pack gives you 100 g of extensions which can be braided into your hair with ease. These dreadlocks can easily be washed using small amounts of shampoo designed for this type of hair, which you can also buy at our shop.

Our online shop also includes hairbands to make styling your dreadlocks much easier. We also sell rubber bands which are ideal for this purpose. Priced only £2.99, these rubber bands are available in a variety of colours.