Need a Large Swim Cap for your Dreads?

Struggling to fit your dreadlocks under a regular swim cap? Need an extra large cap suitable for dreadlocks, braids, weaves and extensions?

Generally, dreadlocks are a highly practical hairstyle- they don’t need much maintenance, they don’t need brushing and they look great every day.

However, they can become dry and frizzy more easily than other type of style, especially when exposed to chlorine.

Over-washing can also lead to dehydrated and wiry locks, so you don’t want to wash them every day. Generally, it’s better to shampoo your dreads every 3 days to ensure they remain in good condition. However, some people can only wash them once a week and this works well for them.

A large swim cap is highly useful if you have dreadlocks, protecting your style when swimming in a chlorinated pool.

DreadLab is a website that focuses exclusively on products designed for dreadlocks. Our range include large swim caps that can protect even the bulkiest dreadlocks. Priced only £10.99, this extra-large swim cap is made of silicone and will stretch snugly over your dreads, ensuring a minimal amount of water will seep in. It is also available in medium-sizes and can accommodate any length of dreadlocks hair.