Need to Order Conditioning Oil for Dreadlocks?

Looking for a top quality conditioning oil for dreadlocks?

Conditioning your dreadlocks is important for keeping them moisturised and nourished, otherwise they can get too dry and you’ll have the dreaded ‘flyaway’ hairs everywhere. DreadLab have the most deliciously scented conditioning oils, including those from Dollylocks, who specialise in residue-free, all natural, vegan dreadlock products.

Our conditioning oils include those which are scented or unscented, such as Dollylocks Unscented Conditioning Oil.

Ideal for repairing and revitalising your hair, the oils in this essential blend are the closest to the natural oils found in your hair (sebum), making it highly absorbable. Perfect for intense repairs, this conditioner only needs to be used in small amounts to make your hair look wonderful.

It contains many nourishing ingredients, including avocado oil, jojoba oil, hemp-seed oil, 100% pure essential oils and organic plant extracts.

We also have a great collection of shampoo and other products designed just for dreadlocks, to make maintaining this type of hair easier than ever. DreadLab is your one-stop shop for everything dreads-related. We can save you time trawling the internet for products for this hair style, with everything under one virtual roof.