Our Collection Of Dreadlocks Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars look like soap but the first 100% residue-free shampoo bars for dreadlocks. Because they come in a bar, they’re easy to take on your travels and there’s no plastic packaging involved.

Ideal if you want to keep your frizz to a minimum, our shampoo bars could be ideal. Coming in a handy tin, they are the UK’s first ever product of this type.

We have dreadlocks shampoo bars with a variety of ingredients, including coconut, lavender, rosemary peppermint, lime grapefruit or tea tree and spear mint, all made with rich, invigorating natural ingredients.

Our Tea Tree and Spear Mint Shampoo Bar is rejuvenating and Ph-balanced, antioxidant shampoo bar. These bars are made by Dollylocks who specialise in organic dreadlock products which are all residue free, natural and vegan. They are extremely easy to use and simply have to be massaged into wet hair and worked from root to tip.

If you love coconut you’ll love this shampoo bar which has only four ingredients.

It can be used with all types of dreadlocks and is not dependent on water hardness. Because it comes in a tin, it’s much more environmentally friendly. It contains pure 100% coconut fragrance oil and isn’t tested on animals.

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