Quality Shower Caps For Dreadlocks

A shower cap is a highly useful, some would say essential accessory if you have dreadlocks.

Here at DreadLab we have a range of extra-large ones designed for dreadlocks, so you can easily protect your hair when you don’t want it getting wet.

Many people aren’t sure about how dreadlocks and water go together. When they first acquire this type of style, they wonder can you still swim normally when you have this type of hair? How often should dreads be washed in the shower, with shampoo?

Swimming in the ocean can actually be good for dreadlocks because they get tighter after time spent in salt water. However, they should be washed or rinsed afterwards to prevent them over-drying. Chlorine generally does have a negative effect, so you can easily still go swimming.

If you don’t like washing your dreads too often because it dries them out, our shower caps are the perfect solution.

Big enough to fit over any-sized dreadlocks, we provide a pack of three that are extremely long-lasting and won’t tear easily.

Since they’re 0.04 mm in thickness, that’s twice as hardy as a regular disposable shower cap. Although they’re considered disposable, they will last many washes provided cared for properly.

For more information, check out our shower caps for dreadlocks today.