Which Is The Best Shampoo For Dreadlocks?

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The best shampoos for dreadlocks are residue-free and can keep your hair clean without drying it out or loosening your dreads.

We have all kinds of products to cleanse and maintain your dreadlocks, including shampoo bars, liquid shampoos and dry shampoo. This includes many of the best shampoos from Dollylocks, Irie Dread, Knotty Boy, and Dread Empire.

Made using organic ingredients, Dollylocks shampoos are rich and stimulating, offering a range of varieties to choose from, including coconut, lime and grapefruit; lavender sky; rosemary peppermint; and tea tree spearmint.

Keep your dreadlocks in great condition with the most nourishing ingredients.

Among our range is this Dollylocks Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo Bar which is both hypoallergenic and pH balanced. This shampoo bar is packed with vitamins and protein, which means it’s great for growth and elasticity.

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