Why Choose Dollylocks Products For Your Dreadlocks?

If you’re looking for the best shampoos for dreadlocks in terms of both packaging and the ingredients used, you can’t go wrong with Dollylocks.

DreadLab have a range of Dollylocks products which are lauded for their organic ingredients and their ability to clean and replenish your dreadlocks naturally.

If you are in the market for organic products with less plastic packaging, you’ll love their range of shampoo bars which come in an array of utterly delicious scents. Ideal for the maintenance and upkeep of this type of hair, they can complement the other products you use and are extremely easy to transport.  

What makes Dollylocks products the best for your dreadlocks?

On top of their organic shampoos, Dollylocks are a trusted brand when it comes to many other amazing products for those with dreads. Not only will you find treatments and maintenance products in their extensive range, you will also discover a range of weaving threads in a wide range of colours.

Our online store at DreadLab is the ideal destination for any Dollylocks lover- we are always updating our collections to reflect the latest and best products. We also have gift boxes and travel kits which could be the ideal gift for any dreadlocked friend.

Find out about our full Dollylocks range by speaking with our team today.