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Elysee Star - #RED Synthetic Dreadlocks (Double Ended)

Elysee Star - #RED Synthetic Dreadlocks (Double Ended) (10 Pack)


"High Quality Synthetic Dreadlocks"

 Approximate Length : 110 cm (55cm when attached).

Approximate Thickness : 6 mm (pencil thickness)

Double ended dreadlocks that can be  braided into your hair with ease!

From Elysee Star - London's premier hair extension and accessory distributor.

Each packet contains 100g of synthetic dreads.

Approximate quantity 9-12 individual dreadlocks depending on thickness.

 For full head coverage - 8-10 packs are recommended.

 Maintenance :

 Dreadlocks can be washed using a small amount of dreadlocks shampoo

 To re-tighten, re-twist dreadlock anchored to something fixed. Wrap damp cloth over the dreadlock and steam seal with hair straighteners.

 Alternatively use a crochet hook to pull loose hairs back into the dread