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DreadLab Single Ended Dreadlock Extensions Black

DreadLab - Single Ended Synthetic Dreadlocks (Full Head Kit) Backcombed Extensions


"Synthetic dreadlocks extensions by DreadLab.

Using a combination of backcombing and twisting to create an authentic looking dreadlock."

  • High Quality Synthetic Hair
  • 50 cm Long
  • Approx 1-1.5 cm Wide
  • Single Ended

The full head kit includes 5 packets of 10 dreadlocks which equals 50 dreadlocks extensions in total. This is more than enough to fully dreadlock most people's heads.

Made with high quality synthetic hair. These lightweight and tight dreadlocks create the perfect dreadlocked look.

Each dreadlock is 50 cm long and 1-1.5 cm wide on average.

Can be braided into the hair or mounted on elastic to make falls.

Install instructions :

  • Separate a small section of hair to be dreaded.
  • Using a pair of tweezers or similar tool - put the tool through the loop of the dreadlock.
  • Using a mini elastic band - put the band over the section of hair.
  • Pull the band/hair through the loop of the dreadlock using the tool.
  • Push the dreadlock to your scalp while holding the hair.
  • Separate the hair into 2 pieces and braid around the dreadlock.
  • Secure in place with mini elastic band.

We also sell bands perfect for this job, which can be found here:


Available in : Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Blonde, Blonde, Spring Green

Maintenance : Dreadlocks can be washed using a small amount of dreadlocks shampoo. To re-tighten - re-twist dreadlock over heat. Alternatively use a crochet hook to pull loose hairs back into the dread.

INCLUDES: 50 individual extensions.